Monday, July 27, 2009

Feeling Satan by Jesus Garcia

First: I would hate for the balance of a life to hang on my prayers.

Last: You must sign this contract in blood; he dipped his pen into the steak and signed.

Jesus works with disabled Children in Northern Santa Zanahoria. There he leads star gazing expeditions for the blind and volunteers in community efforts to breed self shearing sheep. He believes in the goodness of man, and the greatness of God,
His writings have been published in Activists Anonymous and the Northern Bobalicón fables
EE King

I’m the Director of Arts & Science for Esperanza Community Housing. I have a past of theater, comedy, dance, teaching, painting & science.

I have received two International Tides Painting fellowships and two Earthwatch fellowships.

I’m usually involved with non-profits and would one day like to make a profit in something practical, like writing.

I have written a novel and a children’s book. I have won numerous writing awards and have published many short stories.

I have a really large (121’x 34’) mural in LA

A Meeting of Minds (121' X 33') 3655 South Grand. Los Angeles.

I sometimes do animal rehabilitation…usually egrets.