Saturday, August 1, 2009

In a Foreign Land by Lucinda Bailey

Our childhood was spent watching the world change through our father’s eyes as one blissful summer day melted into another and one season followed the next, life repeating itself effortlessly, unaware our turn would eventually come to witness and experience, on our own terms, all the joys and sorrows fate was determined to bestow.

First: “I’m upset because somewhere between being too young, I became too old, blissfully ignorant I’d even crossed the boundary between the two worlds, but, now, I feel like I’m trapped in a foreign land,,” Miranda said and closed the old photo album which held a past both remembered and forgotten.

Last: Lucinda Bailey has spent her life working a series of jobs, traveling in her leisure, and, now in her declining years, written her first novel, benefiting from the value of life’s lessons and the perspective offered by each phase.

Janet Yung lives and writes in St. Louis. Short fiction has appeared in “Tertulia”, “eMuse”, and “Postcard Shorts” among others.