Friday, July 24, 2009

Fly in the Face of the Evidence by Heather Williams

First sentence:

People always think that identical twins have a special connection, that they know everything about each other, that by somehow looking into the eyes of your mirror-image all truths are revealed, but if that were the case then I'd have had some inkling of a clue the danger Jodyn was in before she ended up lying in the hospital bed, her beaten face barely recognizable.

Last sentence:

As I glance over at her now, her long bangs tucked behind her ears, I think how ironic it is; eight months ago I couldn't guess what went on in that brain of hers and now that we no longer share the same face, I identify with her more than ever.

Fake bio: Heather Williams, the author of two best-selling thrillers, A Clean Sweep and Time Bomb in Spain, is an identical twin who lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, two Persian cats, and a ferret named Jesse James. She is currently working on her first nonfiction book, a collection of short stories entitled The Secret Life of Twins: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Real bio: Linda Hofke, a native Pennsylvanian, holds a B.A. in elementary education from Kutztown University but currently spends her time teaching English in Germany. In her spare time, she enjoys writing short stories and poetry, travelling, long walks in the woods, sampling European cuisine, and driving her husband and daughter crazy.