Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Crossing by Johnny Dorsey

First: THE CASTLE HAD ALWAYS STOOD ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VALLEY, it’s topmost turrets piercing the clouds. . . .

Last: She knew now that she need fear neither God nor the Devil.

BIO FOR JOHNNY DORSEY: We rather doubt Johnny Dorsey’s claim to be 104 years old, but are willing to accept his self-description as “an old fart.” He also claims to be a gentleman littérateur, practicing belles lettres for his own amusement. But why then, does he have over a hundred submissions to editors? We suspect that, like the rest of us, he bites his nails until he hears about the disposition of a submitted piece, then curses cruel fate if it’s a rejection. Johnny is a devil-may-care flaneur and man-about-town. Too busy to write, he claims. His “secretary” does all the work, but her contract says that everything she publishes must be in his name.

Real BIO:

John Mark Green, Jr. aka Johnny Dorsey, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame (BA and MA) is retired from teaching literature at Villanova University, and lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, with his wife Marilyn, where they enjoy reading, writing, swimming, biking, and boating. He has sold six storied and two novellas.