Monday, August 10, 2009

My Metamorphosis by Gregor Samsa

First sentence:

After extensive psychotherapy, numerous reconstructive surgeries, and getting an MFA in creative writing, I decided to write my own story and stop living in that author Kafka’s imaginary world where I was relegated to a less than satisfying existence as a giant beetle.

Last sentence:

I cannot believe that after nearly a decade of toiling on My Metamorphosis, while attempting to write the book’s final sentence, I wake up looking like that angst-ridden, melancholy Kafka, and my literary reward will not be a bestseller but the need for additional psychotherapy, even more reconstructive surgeries, and perhaps going on a writer’s retreat in the existential middle of nowhere where I might be able to recover from the ordeal of writing this book.


Gregor Samsa is the unforgettable protagonist of Franz Kafka’s classic short story, “The Metamorphosis.”


Somewhat real Canadian author: J. J. Steinfeld.

For a bio note and a sample of his scribblings, visit the aforementioned somewhat real author in the ditch:


By the way, J. J. Steinfeld’s latest book, Word Burials (Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink, 2009), comprised of a novel and five short stories, just happens to contain a short story titled “Gregor Samsa Was Never in the Beatles,” which can be read at Saucytooth’s Webthology:

Or if you would like to get your literature-loving hands on a copy of Word Burials, drop everything you’re doing and visit: